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  • HKPD six 3d models (max, obj, blend)

        3D models 6 HKPD vehicles max, obj, blend No textures Cop Cruiser Cop Van Cop SUV Cop Bike Cop Interceptor SWAT Aggressor Credits:SergerantJoe      


    SLOMO TRAINER FOR SLEEPING DOGS           This is a simple slow motion trainer mod with two working versions: // Normal (SLOMO Sleeping Dogs) This version is for player who dont want to bother to deactivate the effect or don’t want to abuse of it. How to use: 1 – Start Sleeping [...]

  • Sleeping dogs BIG unpacker PC/XBOX/PS3 v1.0.0

    Sleeping dogs BIG  unpacker PC/XBOX/PS3 v1.0.0 Credits: h4x0r (Ekey) download: sleeping dogs BIG Extractor (458.42KB) clicks: 786 added: 10/11/2012 clicks: 786 sleeping dogs BIG Extractor

  • SweetFX SMAA + Shaders Mod

    SweetFX provides a comparable set of tools, except with the SMAA edge smoothing algorithm, instead of FXAA (SMAA provides slightly better IQ). To read more about the tool, check out the Nexus page: Since Sleeping Dogs already supports advanced shaders, like HDR bloom, SSAO, Dynamic DOF, this mod provides some tone-mapping and texture sharpening [...]

  • Sleeping Dogs Camera Control 1.0 Mod

    Sleeping Dogs – Camera Control 1.0 ToCA EDIT: Racer_S   ============================================================================ Installation ============================================================================ Extract version.dll and CameraControl folder to your game installation directory. ============================================================================ Uninstallation ============================================================================ Delete version.dll and CameraControl folder from your game installation directory. ============================================================================ Notes ============================================================================ * Should work any version of the game (FutureScan capable) * Edit config.ini to enable [...]

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  • Sleeping dogs dlc list and prices November 2012

    19 DLCs = £36 £1.99 13 Nov 2012 Sleeping Dogs – Triad Enforcer Pack £1.99 13 Nov 2012 Sleeping Dogs: Deep Undercover Pack £4.99 13 Nov 2012 Sleeping Dogs: Dragon Master Pack £1.19 13 Nov 2012 Sleeping Dogs: Square Enix Character Pack £1.99 13 Nov 2012 Sleeping Dogs: GSP Pack £1.99 13 Nov 2012 Sleeping [...]

  • Dragon Master Pack Dlc

    The Dragon Master Pack gives you the five preorder packs in one, for a discount price. The Police Protection Pack, the Martial Arts Pack, the Deep Undercover Pack the GSP Pack, and the Triad Enforcer Pack are included. Each individual pack is also available separately. The Dragon Master Pack bundle is priced at 640MSP / [...]

  • SQUARE-ENIX CHARACTER PACK Available 14th November

    The Square Enix Character Pack features three new outfits for Wei Shen and three new weapons from Square Enix’s Hitman, Just Cause and Deus Ex games. Each outfit includes its own buff and signature weapon. Just Cause outfit The Rico Rodriguez custom outfit allows you to hijack vehicles from a greater distance and comes with [...]

  • SWAT PACK dlc Released

    The SWAT pack enables you to respond to multiple emergency situations across the city in 20 new and replayable cop missions split into four different mission types. You’ll also be given an armored SWAT van for patrolling the streets of Hong Kong while on one of these missions. You’ll need it for protection as you [...]


Sleeping Dogs [Graphics Mod]
Assault Rifle   grenade launcher
Nightmare in North Point DLC